How To Hold An Effective Webinar

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Using webinars to promote your product or service can be very beneficial.  In another article, we detailed the benefits of using webinars, but equally important is how to hold one efficiently.


There are several things you can do to help maximize your chances of keeping attendees wanting to stay on until the end, and more importantly, to buy from you. Here are a few things to consider and put into practice to help make sure your webinar is as effective for you as possible.


  1. Keep your webinar between 60-90 minutes

Experts agree that the 60-90 minute window is usually the best for having an effective webinar.  While this may seem like a long time at first thought, once you hold a webinar you see that this time will fly by.  You want to give as much information as possible for your audience without them losing focus, and this is about the right time frame for you to do that in.  Your webinar should not exceed 90 minutes, as people’s attention spans generally will fade after this period of time.


  1. Give as much value as possible during the webinar

The people who attend your webinar are interested in what you have to say and your mission should be to give them as much value as you can.  The more advice you give them, the more they will want to buy whatever it is you are selling to them at the end of the webinar.  Make sure that the bulk of your webinar is all about how you can solve their problems, and they will be very likely to stay until the end.


  1. Give a bonus to those who stay until the end

At the beginning of your webinar, mention that you have a special bonus to give out at the end of the webinar.  This will encourage people to want to stay until the end to see what that bonus is.  The bonus can be a free, short .pdf guide, a free e-book, or a discount on your product.  Don’t tell them what it is, though, until you get to the end.


  1. Don’t hard sell during the webinar

People will be able to tell if you are trying too hard to sell them something during the webinar.  Your focus should be on providing as much value as you can for your audience and answering as many questions as you can for them.  It is okay to mention that you have a product or service that you will explain more about at the end, but it is important to build the trust of your audience before the hard sell at the close of the webinar.


  1. Introduce yourself at the beginning

This is also very important. When the webinar starts, make sure to introduce yourself to your audience.  Tell them your credentials, your experience, and share with them your social media accounts.  Some people may have no idea who you are, so be sure to let them know at the beginning of your webinar to help them get sense of your credibility before you go into the bulk of what you have to share.


These are just a few tips to help make sure you are getting the most of your webinars.  However, the best way to learn is to practice and just start.  The first few don’t have to be perfect, and you will learn more the more you do.


We hope this was beneficial for you, be sure to check out our other posts for more advice on how to promote and grow your business!


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