Joseph Quinn: 9 Must Know Facts & Entrepreneurial Lessons

Joseph Quinn

In a lot of ways…

Being an actor IS being an entrepreneur.

You have to build your skillset, network with other professionals, hunt for work and always be improving.

If you’re as big a fan of Stranger Things as we are, then you must know the loveable actor who played Eddie Munson – Joseph Quinn.

Although Joseph likes to keep most of his life off of the internet, there’s still a lot that we know about the talented rising star.

Here’s everything you need to know about Joseph Quinn and some lessons for you along his journey to success:

1. What was Joseph Quinn’s first screen time?

Joseph Quinn on TV

Although Joseph has been in a lot of productions and is most known for his performances on Overlord (2018), Stranger Things (2016) and Game of Thrones (2017)…

The first time he showed up on the big screen was when he was only 18 years old in a single episode role on Postcode, a TV Series. It was 2011 and he played a character named Tim.

Which just goes to show, success doesn’t happen overnight. This is a man who’s been practicing his craft for most of his life.

2. What is Joseph Quinn’s Zodiac sign?

Joseph Quinn Sid Magazine

Joseph Quinn is an aquarius, which is often known for being independent, sharp, talented, and optimistic. As we go through the rest of the points, you’ll see how true this is.

3. When is Joseph Quinn’s (Actual) Birthday?

Joseph Quinn Wonderland

Initially, Joseph’s birthday on Google was shown as May 15th 1993… but he recently shared with Stranger Things fans at a convention in Toronto that his actual birthday is January 26th, 1994.

4. How tall is Joseph Quinn?

Joseph Quinn Wonderland with Guitar

As far as his height goes, he measures up at a slightly taller than average 5′ 10″. (That’s 1.78 m for you metric folk out there.)

5. Where did Joseph Quinn go to school?

Joseph Quinn Formal

He graduated in 2015 from drama school at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Remember from our screen time fact how early Joseph showed up on the big screen? (2011)

Often, it isn’t about having the credentials behind your name that lead to your success. It’s the act of getting started with what you have.

In Joseph’s case, it was act first (pun intended) and graduate school later.

6. Did Joseph Quinn play Master of Puppets on guitar?

Joseph Quinn with Metallica

He did in fact learn how to play the guitar himself and in Stranger Things. 

The majority of the footage shot of Eddie Munson shredding the metal riffs of Metallica’s Master of Puppets was Joseph Quinn. 

The only exception to this was during the close-up guitar solo, which was performed by Aiden Fisher.

There’s even a recording of him practicing that you can see on YouTube.

7. Does Joseph Quinn speak another language?

Joseph Quinn Professional Photo

What goes well with rugged good looks, talented acting ability and a flare for music? 

Throw in being able to speak a second language and you have either a strong dating app profile… 

Or you have Joseph Quinn. 

In addition to being fluent in English, Joseph Quinn also speaks Italian.

8. How did Joseph Quinn get hired for Stranger Things season 4?

Joseph Quinn Stranger Things Season 4

Did you know that initially Joseph Quinn thought the Duffer Brothers had made a mistake by hiring him? 

He had only sent in 2 applications and there had been very little contact leading up to him getting the gig, making him think they had chosen him by mistake. 

But based on his superb performance in the series, it’s clear to see why they had chosen him.

It was a perfect moment of hard work meeting opportunity.

9. Will Joseph Quinn be on Stranger Things season 5?

Joseph Quinn Stranger Things Scene

Despite his legendary debut performance on Stranger Things season 4 as Eddie Munson, it’s unlikely that his role will continue into season 5. 

Not for lack of talent and contribution to the show, but because of the overall plan the Duffer Brothers have for the series.


It’s clear to see that Joseph Quinn is a man of many talents.

But if you are going to take one thing away from the lessons of his stardom, let it be that success comes to those who put in the work to go above what is required of them.

It won’t happen overnight, but in time with consistent effort and improvement, you’ll reach your entrepreneurial success.

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Written by Wade Foxx

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